i love fall colors and fall drinks and fall activities and fall weather and fall clothes but most of all i love fall out boy

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why I hate mcr fans part 1/? 9.11 edition

wanna know something cool? google search has a feature so that when you put things in quotations, it’s only shows results that show word for word what you put into the quotations. 


it’s really useful for checking the credibility on things, like if you want to see whether or not a questionable tweet is fake. 



try it out for yourself if you want. it’s actually really useful for a lot of things.

now back to your post. I was absolutely disgusted when I read it, and I couldn’t believe that anyone would say those things—they’re fucking disrespectful and inappropriate. after being on Tumblr for awhile, I’ve come to learn that there is a LOT of bullshit, and I like to check the credibility of posts before I blindly believe them to be 100% true. especially ones that provide no form of a source, such as yours.

the funny thing is that when I googled all of these quotes, nothing came up.


even funnier, almost nothing even remotely relevant came up in the “search without quotes” section


after looking over all of your “”“sources”“” for almost 30 fucking minutes, I did actually find some examples of what you said although NONE of them matched any screenshots you provided (sources for the pics below x / x)



now, do i agree with any of these comments? no. are they appropriate? no.

HOWEVER, that does not change the fact that even IF any of the fucking screenshots you provided were real, you would have still posted them without any fucking context, which in itself would have been a whole other fucking problem.

if someone posts something controversial and completely explains their reasoning for believing it, you cannot simply post their final statement without the argument behind it. you’re not lying (even though YOU in this case are), but you’re not providing the whole truth either.

i do not agree with any of those comments. i do not support any of them. I DO see their reasoning behind making them, because i actually READ IT and TRIED TO SEE IT FROM THEIR ANGLE instead of completely disregarding it. they all CLEARLY agree that 9/11 was a horrible thing, and NONE of them are glad that it happened. they are ALL just trying to find some positive light for a horrific event (i personally wouldn’t do that, but that’s not the point i’m making right now. not all people deal with tragedy the same way.)

you cannot disagree with someone’s opinion if you’re not going to acknowledge their reasoning behind it.

if you’re going to complain about problematic things mcr fans do (god knows there’s a lot) then don’t fucking make them up if you want them to be considered valid goodbye.


favorite my chemical romance photo shoot.

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